About the Artist

Americo Bianchi was born in Amaseno, Italy and studied at The School of the Art Institute, Chicago where he received a Master of Fine Arts degree. His background includes video synthesis, digital photography and the creation of independent films structured as "visual music". Some of his major life influences have been Aikido, the way of harmony, the magical films of Jordan Belson , Vipassana Meditation, electronic music pioneer Jean Michel Jarre, the unbelievable voice of Luciano Pavarotti and Krishna consciousness influenced musicians Rasa.

Much of Americo's work is based on the Buddhist concept of anicca (change or impermanence) as taught by SN Goenka, which according to Buddhist teachings is one of the three characteristics of animate and inanimate matter. Harmony, structure, decay, death and impermanence comprise the elements of nature that exhibit what Elizabeth Gilbert calls the "signature of all things". The gallery images attempt to capture these signatures as moments in time.

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